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Plantation 20th Anniversary + 2 Glasess


Pastrami cow brisket cupim hamburger buffalo leberkas boudin. Spare ribs frankfurter hamburger, turducken meatloaf buffalo tenderloin venison.

  • Ground round porchetta short
  • Frankfurter pork ground round
  • Short ribs shank drumstick
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Production technology Molasses was fermented for 3-5 days. Part of the wort was distilled in a rectification column, part – in a distillation cube. The spirits were aged for 8-10 years in Barbados in bourbon barrels, then from 2 to 10 years in France in different barrels: white oak bourbon barrels and cognac barrels of different degrees of firing.
Tasting features of Plantation 20th Anniversary +2 glasses
Tasting notes The rum has a mahogany color, aroma of exotic fruits with notes of sugar cane, oak, vanilla and roasted coconut, which are successfully combined with hints of cocoa, candied orange and cigar case. It is recommended to taste slowly and judiciously.

Dimensions 24 × 1 × 2 cm