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Glenfiddich Project XX


Picanha tri-tip biltong ham shankle jowl fatback tail tenderloin pig shoulder bresaola pork chop.

  • Ground round porchetta short
  • Frankfurter pork ground round
  • Short ribs shank drumstick
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Glenfiddich Project XX characteristics
Type of drink whiskey
Classification single malt
Brand Glenfiddich
Country Scotland
Region Speyside
Volume 0.7 l
Alcohol, % 47
Serving temperature 18-20°C
Production technology aging in barrels of bourbon, port, sherry
Tasting features of Glenfiddich Project XX
Tasting Whisky of deep golden color. It charms with rich, juicy, luxurious taste with hints of cotton candy, toasted almonds, cinnamon and crispy tannins. A pleasant sweetness and light oak nuances are felt in the long aftertaste. The aroma is elegant, expressive, woven from notes of pear, apple, vanilla, oak, liquorice and brown sugar.

Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 13 × 10 × 22 cm