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Glenlivet Caribbean Reserve


Leberkas ribeye flank picanha beef shankle, shank hamburger cow tenderloin short loin chicken kielbasa corned beef. Ground round porchetta short

  • Frankfurter pork ground round
  • Short ribs shank drumstick
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Characteristics of Glenlivet Caribbean Reserve
Type of drink whiskey
Classification single malt
Brand Glenlivet
Country Scotland
Speyside region
Volume 0.7 l
Alcohol, % 40
Packaging gift box
Serving temperature 18 ° C
Tasting features of Glenlivet Caribbean Reserve
Tasting notes Aroma of orchard with honey, canned pears and fried banana. The taste is ripe tropical fruits and brown sugar, as well as cinnamon cakes.

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 6 × 11 × 25 cm